How to permanently delete deleted contacts, invoices?


I can’t find a way to permanently delete already deleted contacts, invoices.
Why there isn’t an option to do so?

Generally invoices aren’t deletable for auditing purposes

I would like to decide myself what I do. It is nice to have undo option, but if I want to delete something I should have the option to do so. I feel I do not have the freedom to to things I want to do.
It is already too much of that in life


I’m sure @Glenn will comment shortly on this function, but it may be worth seeing his comment here in regards to HMRC Auditing (it’s not a Quickfile thing)

I’ve started using QuickFile Cloud Accounting 5 days ago. I have tested and learned the software. I really like it. But now when I started to use this for real, I find more and more restrictions/difficulties.
Difficulties to simply change or delete something. I don’t have the control I would like to have. I will have to consider if I will stick with this software or not.


You can permanently delete data in your account by performing an account wipe, however this will delete ALL DATA in your account (excluding invoice design and general settings) but it’s the recommended option when going from testing to live usage.

You can’t permanently delete invoices from your account, although to all intents and purposes when they’re deleted they become practically invisible. The reason as @Parker1090 pointed out is due to the requirement by HMRC to maintain a clear audit trail, that means an unbroken sequence of invoice numbers.

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