How to post a creditors refund

I have just started a new company of quickfile, moved from Sage. Doing Cash Accounting, invoice has vat amount. I have not been able to import or enter an overpayment of a creditor, now have received refund which I am not able to post. How should I make this entries.

Hi @BwanaIT

You would need to do this from the bank transaction - you can tag it to a supplier and hold it on the account rather than against a specific invoice

Sorry, I am not able to post to the supplier as there is no credit note and the balance cannot be b/f as its minus

Hi @BwanaIT

Can I just confirm the situation here, please?

Am I right in thinking:

  • You were invoiced by a supplier prior to using QuickFile
  • You paid the invoice, but paid more than what the invoice was for (e.g. invoice was for £75, you paid £100)
  • The supplier has now refunded the difference back to you, and now you need to account for this?

Is that accurate?

yes spot on, the amount has vat which needs to paid back as it was claimed prior to QF


Hi @BwanaIT

Thanks for coming back to me.

You would typically create a prepayment that predates your opening balances. My colleague goes through this in more detail, here: Adding a credit to a supplier from previous accounts - #5 by Glenn

It’s worth noting however, that if you have imported a trial balance or input opening balances that would include this prepayment, you will need to adjust this so it’s not counted twice.

Hope that helps, but if you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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