How to prepare first VAT return

I am preparing my first digital VAT return. I have entered all my purchase invoices and there are no sales invoices since I haven’t commenced trading yet. When I open the page for the return period, there are some random figures entered, which may be due to myself experimenting with the software prior to getting started. How do I delete these figures and import the correct information into the return.


Hello @robbielaurence

Where are the random figures showing?

You can drill down on each box on the VAT return to see the breakdowns.

If say you have an invoice/payment showing incorrectly you can go into the purchase screen / bank screen and delete it.

Sorry, the figues are correct for the invoices that are shown in the breakdown, however, only 50% of the invoices have been imported.

Hello @robbielaurence

Are the invoices within the return period (accrual accounting)?
Are all of the invoices marked as sent?

Sorted, the missing invoices were incorrectly dated in the banking section.

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