How to print a customer or supplier statement

Any ideas.

Do I have to make a custom report or is there an easier way to show all invoices and payments on a customers account (or a suppliers account)?


There’s an easy way :smile:

Using a client as an example, go to clients (so it lists them all), and click on the name of the client you want to print a statement for. This will bring up an overview of this particular client.

If you click on the ‘View’ button at the top, there’s a “Statement” button there. Clicking on that will bring up a statement view, where you can set the date range to show, and whether or not to include paid invoices, payments and/or credit notes.

And of course, there’s then a print button at the top that generates a PDF copy.

Hope this helps!


Brilliant, I can’t believe I hadn’t spotted this before!

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