How to process refund of overpayment from supplier?

I placed an order with a prepayment of, let’s say, £100. Part of the order was shipped and invoiced, say £70 worth, but the rest turned out to be on extended back order so it’s been cancelled and refunded. I’ve allocated the original payment (£100) to the invoice (£70) leaving £30 on the supplier account but can’t figure out how to allocate the bank receipt of £30 refund to clear this balance. I could create a ‘fake’ invoice for £30, allocate the account balance to that and then apply the refund as a credit but that seems awfully clumsy? Is there a more straightforward way?


Hi @JohnJ,

If you have tagged the payment then it will show in the supplier account as a pre-payment.

If you find the payment then at the top you will have the option to refund the balance:

You can then refund £30. This may cause a duplicate on your bank account, in which case you just delete the £30 refund that was already there (not the one created by the refund)

That did it!. I was looking for a Refund button in the supplier payment list, not the payment detail as I expected it to become a separate payment.


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