How to receive money against SI outstanding at year end

I have a Sales Invoice which was still outstanding at the time of my year end (ie. it had not been paid by the customer). I ran the year end procedure and now, whilst the Invoice still has a status of Draft, I do not have a button allowing me to pay this SI. How do I do this?

It’s because the invoice is DRAFT and residing in a locked accounting period. By paying that invoice it would create a debtor control entry within the locked period, which would alter your year-end figures and therefore is not permitted.

You would need to move the date of the invoice outside of the locked period, then the pay button will reappear.


Just to expand on this, the invoice wasn’t considered to be outstanding, to be outstanding it would need to have been in SENT status. Draft invoices don’t have any effect on the nominal ledgers.

Thanks. I had imported the SI’s and assumed they came into Quick File without needing further processing.

If you have a load of invoices in DRAFT status, you can bulk send them (50 at a time) on the main invoice list. Just check all the boxes and click the “Send Selected” button.

There’s an option on the following screen to “Update as Sent”, rather than actually emailing the invoices to clients.