How to Record Card Reader Test transactions

I am a sole trader. I often test my card reader with a £1 sale using my personal credit card just to make sure the card reader works. How do I record these test sale transactions in QF? I set up a merchant account for SumUp (the card reader). I have my business bank account and it is reconciled. When I reconcile my business bank account, the money I received from Sumup is tagged as a transfer from Sumup because it contains other sales including the £1 test transaction I made. If I split this entry, how do I ensure that the £1 comes out of my proprietor drawings account and the rest of it is a transfer from the merchant account? The other way could be to do a journal or some sort of transaction to move the £1 from my proprietor drawings account to the Sumup merchant account - is this possible?

This would be the simplest - you can manually create an untagged £1 money in transaction in the SumUp merchant account using the “new transaction” button at the top of the bank statement view. Such manually created transactions behave exactly like ones imported from a feed or CSV and you get the same tagging options, so you can tag the £1 as a transfer from drawings.

Thanks so much Ian. It works perfectly.

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