How to refund a customer a Rental deposit?


i have a Rent Deposit i need to refund to a customer.
This has fallen in a tax year that i am using quicfile for.
They paid the deposit previously when ive not been using quickfile

(I have a new nominal setup for “Rental Deposits” 0013 in Assets and Liabilities)

Ive tried to do it like this.
Goto my bank account.
Tag the transaction where i paid them the refund.
Tag it as refund to a customer.
Choose the customer.

I then get this error:
Invoices with items posted to more than one nominal account will not appear here. For such cases a manual credit note will need to be applied.

No qualifying sales invoice could be found to refund against. Make sure the corresponding invoice has been logged before you attempt to process this refund.

The client has no invoices or anything due to not having paid me any money in this financial year im using quickfile for.

how to i allocate this as a refund from my Rental Deposits account?

You should have added the rent deposit as an opening balance when you first set up quickfile.

You will need to unlock the previous years and add it back. Obviously this will change the balance sheet but as the change is minimal you can just add the correct comparative in the next set of accounts when you submit them.

thanks for the reply

is there any guide online what explains how to do this?
or is is something my accountant should do when i hand over my completed accounts for this year

I’d tell your accountant and let them tell you what to do with it.

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