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How to run custom VAT reports?


I’m a new user and struggling with something that I imagine is straightforward. I’d be grateful for any help

Can I run a report that allows me to see the VAT I incurred in a period of my choosing? e.g if we take the month of March 2021 as an example, I want to be able to run a report that shows me that ‘x’ was the amount of VAT I paid when making purchases during that customised period.

Can this be done and, if so, how? Thanks in advance.

Hi @MathewM

If you have submitted a VAT return for that period you can export the data and then manipulate to show you which month you want to see.

If you haven’t submitted any VAT returns then you can simply just go to run a return for the date period in question

Thank you for such a quick reply.

I am not sure how to achieve what you say i.e:

“If you haven’t submitted any VAT returns then you can simply just go to run a return for the date period in question

Do you mean change my VAT Settings to read ‘monthly’ and then somehow from there obtain the information I’m after?

I’m afraid I cannot figure out how to run a return for the date period in quesiton.


Hi @MathewM

Do you have any online filling settings enabled?

Yes I do (I believe). I’m able to file my VAT return, which I do quarterly, via MTD.

Is this what you were referring to?

Hi @MathewM

Yes - so if you have online filling enabled and are submitting returns through MTD then the return dates are pre-filled by what HMRC sends - if this is the case then you’re best to just download the breakdown of the returns to see what VAT goes with which month

Thank you for your reply.

I have been able to do this (go to do a MTD VAT return and then download the data via MS Excel) but all that shows me is the data for my quarterly period. It doesn’t break it down beyond that period.

I was hoping to be able to obtain the data for any dates I wish to insert. For example, one calender month or one year. The profit and loss report allows it, but they include VAT rather than seperating the costs from the VAT added on top.

If you look at your balance sheet you’ll have the vat liability nominal.

If you click on it, it will bring up a list of input and output vat.

You can check any date range you want. It won’t of course show you what that vat relates to unless you drill down on each line seperately, however you will have the vat details you want.

The purchase tax control account nominal will show you the VAT element of purchases, so searching over that will give you what you’re looking for on an accruals basis, but I don’t think there’s an easy way if you need it on a cash basis. And similarly the sales tax control account gives the VAT element of sales invoices.

When you actually submit a VAT return there will be a big credit on the purchase tax account and debit on the sales tax account, with the balance moving to “VAT liability”, so it’s not quite as simple as just summing up all transactions over a period if that period includes the end date of a VAT quarter.

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