How to search for an invoice

Hi, Can anyone help me? If you do not know the invoice number, how can you search for an invoice? Many of our invoices are the same client and similar amounts so there is no deciphering that way.

When I go into invoices and ‘search’ you can use search through description for the address but that doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone help? Thanks

what makes the invoice different to the others? what are you looking for exactly?

The address is about the only thing to differentiate the invoices from each other. I write the address in the description section, however when trying to search in this field it does not work.

Hi @Shaun_Kilkenny,

Have you tried searching in the invoice name section? It may be that it’s recognised in a different field

Yes ive tried various fields and doesn’t come up

Hi @Shaun_Kilkenny

How much detail are you searching for? It may be that what you’re searching isn’t the same format as how it’s on the invoice.

If you’d like me to take a look I’ll just need you to confirm your QuickFile account number and what you’re trying to locate - you’re welcome to send this in a private message to @QFSupport

Hi @Shaun_Kilkenny

We believe we have located your account and can see that you have added the details as ‘notes’ - the notes aren’t searchable, you would need to add the details as a comment line or as part of the item description to be able to search.

There may be a feature request for the search function in notes, I will have a search and if I find one I will add it to this post

Feature Request Thread: Search invoice notes field

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