How to see unallocated amounts

When working with the banking, I can tag a payment against one or many invoices. Once you tag it against at least an invoice, it becomes tagged.
My problem is that I cannot filter or report in any ways the transactions that were tagged but has an unallocated part.
Is there a way (view, filter, report, anything else) where I could see all the transactions that has an unallocated part (regardless they were tagged or not)?

Is it a sales or purchase payment? You can go to sales or purchases across the top, select payments and do a search by unallocated. That should show what you need

Great, thanks… For me it would have been logical to see this in the banking menu, not from the purchases/sales but this will also do the trick.

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I think at this point its considered a prepayment from a client as it’s been partially tagged so it comes under the sales payments option rather than banking. But glad I could help!

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