How to separate income accounts on sale invoices

I would like to see how much different things I invoice are making

The best way to see how much you are making is to use the project tags, but this would apply to the whole invoice not per line.

Not sure where the project features are going (in terms of future plans), but maybe @Glenn could comment further on that - I believe there are plans for project adjustments as per the post below, but I do know they’re always busy working away in the background.

You can also do some fairly broad categorisation by assigning different items to different sales nominal codes. Although this method is not really suitable if you’re trying to report on many different product lines.

Projects also offer a nice way to offset sales income with expenses although as @Parker1090 mentions, the reporting cannot be set for individual items in an invoice, only the invoice as a whole. Project adjustments are planned but we’re quite busy on a number of other big projects right now.

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