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How to set next invoice number to deleted invoice number


Hello, I deleted an invoice that had not been sent, but now when I now create a new invoice, the number jumps past the deleted invoice number to the next one.

How do I set the invoice number to the number of the invoice I deleted.

In this case, I deleted the invoice with number 201820190002 which had not been sent and when I create a new invoice the number 201820190003 appears and when I try to use 201820190002, it says…

The Invoice Number ‘201820190002’ has already been used. Please provide a unique Invoice Number.

… however, as above, 201820190002 has been deleted.

Thank you,




Hello @BharatK

Generally once an invoice has been deleted you can’t reuse it’s number. We don’t permanently delete the invoices for (mainly) two reasons - to keep a clear audit trail, and just in case it’s been deleted on accident.

However, you can simply restore the invoice and edit it, should you wish to do so. Deleted invoices can be found by selecting “Deleted” on the invoice management screen, and then you can restore it to edit it.



Excellent, I didn’t see that. Thank you for the swift response.

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