How to Set Year End Date?

Hi I have signed up with Quick File and it all seems pretty easy, except for one thing. I run a partnership with an accounting year end of 31/12. I can’t find where in the system to set the accounting year end date. The system uses tax year ends of 31st March but I don’t want my business accounting year to use that date - my partnership tax year is to 31st December.

How do I change the year end date so I can start using Quick File from 1st January 2015?

Thank you for your help.

Ross M

Which part do you mean? if you mean the accounting year from profit an dloss you cna select the date range if oyu mean such to lock down the bank account etc then there it option to set the date but not sure it will do excately what you want

hi do you mean company settings ? You are then able to set the year end date.

You will find this option in Account Settings >> Company Settings:

Thank you. I do mean set the company year-end for my business accounts. I will try this tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

The date you enter here will be used to default the accounting period on the P&L, balance sheet and chart of accounts. Is your partnership a Limited liability company or non-Limited?

The partnership is non limited - effectively the same as sole trader. I didn’t get a chance to try the solution today but will tomorrow.

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How did I miss that? Sorted. Many thanks and Happy New Year

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