How to show a refund from a supplier

I have just closed an account that I had with one of my suppliers.
I had money to come back from them. The refund is greater than there last invoice that I paid.
I use Bank Transfer when paying them and they have also refunded me via Bank Transfer.
How can I show this as when I try to credit to an invoice it say the amount is greater than the invoice and will not allow me.
Thanks inadvance for your help

Hi @IanT

If the amount is greater than your invoices, you can create a new purchase invoice with a negative value. When you click save, the system will then prompt you for the bank you wish for this to show up.

If you already have a bank transaction, this will duplicate it. You can safely delete the untagged entry.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your help all done thanks

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