How to storno an invoice?

I have invoiced a client, and now I have to storno the invoice and make another one.
How do i do that? thank you.

Hi @Rhino_Trust

With an invoice, you have 2 options:

  1. You could create a credit note which cancels the invoice
  2. You could delete the invoice

Depending on your situation, depends on the route you would take. For example, if you’ve issued the invoice to the client, it’s usually best to issue them with a credit note so they have something to say it’s been cancelled.

To issue a credit note, click on More Options when previewing the invoice, and select Credit Note. This will take you through the process and create a reversing entry for you.

I hope that helps?

Hi there,
thank you for the superfast response. as a matter of fact, this was the very first invoice we wrote, as we are new with Quickfile. are you saying that to make the “simple route”, if we simply delete the invoice and just call the client and tell them to throw the original one away, then we start from scratch and the first invoice is going to be the corrected one? the way to do it is to go to the Sales, click on the invoice and click delete?

You could delete it. How much of the invoice is incorrect? If it’s just the wrong price, or a description needs changing, you could just modify it. As long as the client has the most up to date invoice, then there shouldn’t be any issues.

It’s worth noting that if you do credit note or delete the invoice, then the same invoice number can’t be used. For example, if this is invoice #00001, the next one will automatically be #00002.

the number of units, price/unit and the end figure must be changed. is there a way that we can change these on the invoice, because we couldn’t locate a “Edit Invoice” button on the Invoice Management page. (The Status of the invoice is SENT.)

we have no problem writing a new invoice and starting from scratch, we just want to make sure that if we delete the invoice, it automatically refresh the system on the “You are being owed…” or “You owe…” page.

sorry to bother with all this jazz… we are new on this, and this is the learning curve. :slight_smile:

By the way, we looked at the “create a credit note” option which would cancel the invoice, but we can’t locate the Credit note button in the More Options setting.
these are the “buttons” that we can see when we click on More Options:
pay online
print selected
archive selected
export data
update tags
show all partial balances

When you click through from the list of invoices onto the individual invoice screen you’ll see a “Modify” button in the top left hand corner.

Likewise, this is under “more options” on the individual invoice page, not on the summary list.

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sorry mate, what do you mean by “individual invoice” versus “summary list”? I wish there was a way to send you an attachment, so you could see a print screen to see what I see… :slight_smile: on the summary list (where there is just one single invoice, obviously), how do we go to the “individual invoice” - where we will see the Modify button in the top left corner. These are the “small things” we need to learn.

You can upload screenshots and other attachments to the forum if you wish to do so. If you have an image saved to your clipboard (e.g. a screenshot), you can simply paste it into your reply and it will upload automatically. Although bear in mind - this is a public forum.

The individual invoice view is also known as the Invoice Preview. If you click on the invoice number, or “View” on the same row as the invoice, then you will be able to preview the invoice. If it’s a draft invoice, it may take you straight into edit mode, where you will find a “Preview” option at the bottom of the screen.

Got it!!!
thanks x1000!!!

so i just modify as needed, click Save, and then click Send and that’s it, right?
i just tell the client to throw out the first invoice and archive this new one.

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That should be fine :slight_smile:

You are the best!
thank you for your time.

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