How to submit my first VAT return

Since it’s a NIL return there is nothing to enter. I’ve followed the prompt to link to Gateway and evidently been successful. The VAT return is shown as SAVED but I can’t see how I actually now submit it, please.

Hello @Penelope21

Vat returns need to be submitted in chronological order

The saved return is not submitted as the period is still showing as open (as is the previous period)


You need to open the saved return and click Rollback vat return then create and submit the oldest open period first (1 Dec 2022 28 Feb 2023).

Many thanks, I worked out how to get around the system and actually logged all the outstanding returns in less than an hour so not too bad!

Hi, I need some help please. My first return was NIL but this time there is money owing, Ive gone to submit VAT return and it will not let me input any figures, it only comes up with an additional information box where I can input numbers, when I try and submit this it says it wont accept as it is not an amendment

Under MTD rules you are no longer allowed to manually input figures directly into your VAT return, instead you must record your sales and purchases in software (such as QuickFile) and let the software calculate and submit the return directly from these records. You are allowed to keep the records in one piece of software and submit the returns with another package but the rule still stands that the records (not just the totals) must be stored digitally and there must be an unbroken chain of “digital links” from the raw records through to the submitted returns with no manual adding up or transcription/copy-paste of figures.

So your choice is either

  • keep your sales and purchase records in QuickFile and let it calculate the return boxes from those, or
  • keep your records in some other software, have that software calculate the box values (again no manual calculating), export the results as a CSV or spreadsheet, upload that spreadsheet to QuickFile and use the “bridging” module to submit to HMRC.

The “other software” in the bridging case can be as simple as an excel spreadsheet, but the box values must be calculated by the software (using formulas to SUM the appropriate columns) - you can’t add them up by hand and manually author a sheet with the totals as that would break the digital chain.


Thanks very much. I just wanted a straightforward ‘nil’ return. Why do they have to make everything so complicated in such a simple situation!


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