How to submit VAT return early due to company ceasing trading and voluntary liquidation

Company has ceased trading and going into voluntary liquidation.

I need to submit the last VAT return today to allow liquidation to happen.

Can anyone help me to do this please?

When I try to submit Jan-Mar 2020 return I get error message:

There was a problem submitting your VAT return

Hmrc Error Code: 403
Message: The remote endpoint has indicated that the submission is for a tax period that has not ended


You cant.

Have you notified hmrc of cessation of vat registration? They will create a final vat return which needs filing. Only then can you do it. Even if that vat return has Nil figures.

If you ceased at the end of Feb you should have told hmrc this. They would then work out which period is your final and update vat returns accordingly.

Can I amend the VAT Return end date to yesterday? How do I do this in QF please?

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