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How to tag a supplier refund that doesn't match an invoice

I’ve been given a partial refund of £500 by a supplier set against several monthly invoices paid at £150 each. However the system won’t allow me to complete the ‘refund from supplier’ option because the amount is more than any one particular invoice. How do I deal with this?

Hi @banana

The best way to approach this would be to create a new purchase invoice, but with a negative value.

So for example:

When you try to save this, it will then prompt you for the bank account that it was refunded to, and create a pre-tagged transaction for you. You can then go ahead and delete the original untagged entry, as this would be a duplicate.

Hope that helps!

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for your reply. I did that, and it prompted me as you said and then created a pre-tagged transaction. However that then showed in the account as money out rather than money in. I’m 99.9% sure I followed your steps correctly. What might I have done wrong?


If it’s showing as money out, then it’s either been created as a sales credit note, rather than a purchase credit note.

The other option would be that it’s positive in value rather than negative (so it’s an invoice rather than a credit note), but then I wouldn’t have expected it to prompt you for the bank account.

It must be the former then. How do I ensure it’s created as a sales credit note?

It wouldn’t be a sales credit if its a supplier credit. It would be a purcahae credit note.

As already said, you create a purchase invoice with a negative amount. That will create a money in transaction.

If this hasnt happend. You have done it wrong.

As far as I can see I followed the instructions given. I’ve done it again (same result) but taken screengrabs along the way. Unfortunately as a noob I can only upload one image to a reply. Hopefully it will suffice. If not I can upload another in my next reply. Perhaps you’d be kind enough to point out what i did wrong?

Hi banana,
For me it looks like you created a sales invoice but you have to create a purchase invoice as states a few times before. image Click on Purchase (not Sales) and then Create new Purchase.
Another thing, you should may delete the photo/screenshot from your last post. There is a bit of sensible data on.

Again, that’s a sales invoice.

There is no choice that I can see when I click ‘create new invoice’ to specify whether it’s a purchase or a sales invoice. The template that appears has a ‘purchase reference’ field, but completing the template and submitted brings the result described above. Should I be clicking ‘log a purchase’ instead?

Go to your dashboard, click on Purchases in the blue bar at the top of your screen (next to Sales). When you have clicked or hoovered over purchase, a little menu opens. Click Create New Purchase.
Do you use a laptop/PC or the app? Description above is for the desktop version

Clash of terminology - in the QuickFile user interface “invoice” always means sales invoice. You need to create a negative value “purchase”.

However people on this forum often say “purchase invoice” to refer to what the UI calls “purchase”, to distinguish it from a “purchase order” which is a different kind of document entirely.

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That worked perfectly, Thank you!

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