How to tag/ account for refund of over payment of wages

Hi i accidentally made payment (from the bank account) twice to a member of staff this month. she immediately refunded the second amount, but i don’t know how to tag the second outgoing payment and the refunded incoming one. can anyone help please with simple instructions.
thank you

If initial outgoing is tagged to net wages, then 2nd should be same and incoming be tagged to same account. What ever account was debited in firs place should get the credit too

oh no! looking at it it seems to be going to 7000 gross wages! is this incorrect then? the amount paid is of course after any tax. should i be changing this to 2220 net wages - if so how? it has only beeen like this since September, but i would like to get it accurate ASAP. also how do i get the refund to the same chart number from the banking tagging screen?

with my dismay at getting things wrong I forgot to thank you for your speedy reply.
Thank You!! :slight_smile:

if you are tagging net wages to gross wages then use same account

not really sure at all it looks like this - hope the image comes out

That’s the payroll journal that puts the liability (credit) into 2220, now when you actually pay the wages from the bank and tag the transaction as a wage payment that should separately create a debit on 2220 for the net wage amount (assuming you have “post net wages to balance sheet only” set to ON in your QuickFile settings). Tag the duplicate payment the same way, and then the repayment from the employee as “something not on the list” to 2220 net wages and everything should balance up nicely.

Thank you Ian! that is really helpful. I have done as suggested. huge relief!