How to tag suppliers credit note

hi, i received an invoice from a supplier amounting 2496, then they issued a credit note for 1220 (i uploaded both invoice and credit note to the receipt hub), so actual to pay is 1276 which i paid , when i explained the payment to the invoice, it is part payment 1276 , leaving a balance of 1220 ( 2496-1276), then i tried to tag the credit note in the receipt hub , but could not allocate the 1220 to the original invoice (could not see that invoice on the list), dont know why. please help me how to sort this out please?

You need to create the credit note first, starting from the purchase screen. Once you’ve created the credit note you can go back to the receipt hub to attach the document.

thanks i created the credit note from purchase, but when i go to receipt hub, i dont know how to tag the credit note i received from supplier. dont think i need to tag it anymore , as i have already created a credit note? just need to attach the file to the credit note i have created?

so for supplier invoices , i can just scan copies to the receipt hub and tag them,
but for supplier credit note, i can not do the same, instead i have to manually credit a credit note for such a supplier ??

Correct - when you enter the amount in the receipt hub as “-1220” (minus £1220) it should recognise that there’s an existing credit note for £1220 which doesn’t have anything attached to it, and will offer to connect this image to that credit note rather than creating another.

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