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How to tag The Payroll Site fees

Hi there,
I recently paid my first fee to The Payroll Site via paypal, the payment shows in the paypal account statement in QF but I’m not sure how to tag the payment… Do I set them up as a new supplier? And which nominal code should I use? Sorry if this is covered somewhere already but I can’t find an answer…

Thanks in advance,

If they’ve charged you a subscription fee then they should have sent you (or made available to you) an invoice of some kind that you can record in QuickFile as a normal purchase.

I’ve recorded my equivalent cost (for a different cloud-based payroll provider) as “hosting fees” but I guess you could create a separate code in the overheads section if you wanted to.

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OK thanks ian, I’ve found the invoice in the “my account” section on The Payroll Site, they provide a printable version only so I’m guessing I’ll have to print it, scan it and then attach it to the invoice that I create in QF for the transaction (If I create a new supplier for The Payroll Site). Still unsure over the most suitable nominal code…

Most systems these days will offer you the option to “print” straight to a PDF rather than having to go out to paper and back in again. On Mac I know it’s usually available as an “open PDF in preview” option in the print dialog, not sure about other operating systems.

What browser do you use @P-A?

The Chrome print dialogue, for me at least, shows the PDF option:

Thanks Ian, for some reason I just get the printer. I’ve got around it now, I just selected the whole invoice text, copied it into wordpad and save it as a text document, I was able to attach the file to the QF generated invoice with no problem and open it to view (basic looking but with all the required details), it’ll do for now (I’m afraid I’m better working with my hands than with computers, just trying to keep my book keeping in order).
Thanks again

Hi Mathew, Thank you.

I use firefox, I probably don’t have it set up very well, it just goes to the printer option.
I’ve managed now in a roundabout way (as in my reply to ian_roberts) not the most elegent but I think it should suffice.
Thanks again

You can also install a PDF printer such as CutePDF which will add the option to print to PDF.

Not entirely sure your method works as you have generated that invoice, it isn’t an original or a copy.

Thank you Lurch. I’ve installed a print to pdf addon and it’s all good now, proper copy of the original invoice attached to the transaction.

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