How to tell if iMail letters have actually been sent

We were sending out some overdue invoices the other day. It suggested that I needed to check the invoice format to make sure the address was in the right place. It wasn’t so I adjusted the CSS to get it into the right place. All looked fine on the screen, the address was in the red box.

However, today, when we went to print off some invoices in the office, the PDF versions of the invoices are all jumbled up, with the address covered by the items.The invoices all look fine on screen.

Going into the snail mail manager it says all the items have been dispatched, but I want to know whether they have been dispatched with illegible addresses and content, or whether they are printed in some other way by iMail.
Is there any way to find this out?

[I have subsequently created a new format for the invoices that works both as PDF and on screen.]

Hi @AsherJac

The PDF version can differ because of restrictions with the CSS styling passed to it. For example, it doesn’t recognise newer CSS3 tags, or most tags above the basic HTML tags. It’s always recommended to check the printable version prior when you make changes to the template too.

If it says items have been dispatched, that’s as much as we know. The file is checked by iMail and if there are any issues, the letter is rejected and it will show up in the snail mail event log. If it says it’s been dispatched, then as far as we are aware, it’s been dispatched.

I know you mentioned that you’ve sorted the template out now, but if you do need any further help with it, please let me know