How to unsubscribe from feed upgrade

Hi guys,

Following on from the above thread, I’ve decided to disconnect from the direct feed to Starling bank. Not having real-time data is annoying, but having to (1) hunt down discrepancies caused by changes in exchange rates, (2) insert replacements transactions and then (3) delete the originals is even more annoying.

Being able to change the amounts would have reduced the annoyance of the last 2 steps, but the first would still be there.

Please can you tell me where I go to unsusbscribe from the premium add-on that makes direct feeds possible.

Please can you also refund the purchase made for this as I have not found it to be fit for purpose.


Hi @fambi

I’m sorry to hear about this. But as we don’t store any card details your subscription won’t automatically renew.

But to clarify something here however, we have changed the feed so the change in exchange rates won’t be an issue. This was changed a few weeks back, meaning card transactions will appear after a few days when they settle (and the exchange rate is confirmed). This with the real time transactions wouldn’t be possible.

Transactions that settle straight away or within a few minutes (e.g. faster payments, direct debits, etc.) will still be recorded real time.

If this isn’t happening, then we would like to investigate this as that wouldn’t be working as expected. But if you were to download a statement from Starling and compare it against the feed transactions, I would expect them to match.


Oh! Really? I didn’t notice that.

Okay, let me give it another chance and go from there.


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For the record, I found a number of duplicate entries towards the earlier part of July with the initial transaction being the unsettled amount and then, a few days later, the settled amount.

I’m not sure if you notified users of your upgrade. If not, I suggest you do so that they know to anticipate some duplicate entries.

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Yes, I would’ve liked an email notification about this change or certainly something in the Quickfile web interface for Starling feed users - I have been manually deleting and recreating erroneous Starling transactions for a while and doing the associated tagging/invoice linking etc. now I find several behaviours have changed suddenly.

I now have missing transactions (presumably because they haven’t settled yet) where previously they were live, which is fine but unexpected until reading this post which I found through forum search. I have no new Starling transactions since August 2nd so I’m hoping they show up tomorrow.

I’ve also seen today some transactions I deleted yesterday have been re-created, again presumably because the manual transactions I created don’t match on the reference exactly as per the logic I’ve read in another thread I think. If I’d have known this was going to happen it could’ve saved me some work. I’m guessing they’ll be re-created again tomorrow so I’ll probably end up having to undo my manual work and re-link the auto-created transactions instead.

So it seems the feed will now be more correct moving forward (I’ve also noticed cheques have started appearing in the feed too - but before they’ve cleared which is inconsistent with the new settled-transaction behaviour).

Overall I’m thankful for the changes and glad Quickfile are addressing some of the oddities with Starling’s API so +1 for all that work. It’s just taken me by surprise and caused some re-work.

Is there a Starling bank feed changelog somewhere rather than scattered around various forum posts? Even if it’s just a single Discourse thread I can watch or something that would be fine.

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