How to view invoices sent?

Hey guys

How do I see my invoices that I have sent ? this used to be a feature but it appears to have disappeared.
I can see invoices mixed in with my PayPal transactions but I just want to be able to click a button and show all the invoices I have created and sent



“Sales” in the top bar should show you all your invoices, or did you mean something else?

Thanks Ian

The was you suggested shows all my invoices and PayPal transactions mixed intogether as I have my PayPal linked to the account. I won’t to be able to see on screen all the invoices I have created and sent to customers. Is this possible ?


Hi @krateandco

Just to clarify - do you mean that you’re looking to view all invoices excluding the ones assigned to a specific client (in your case, ‘PayPal’)?

Yes I’d like to see all invoices I’ve sent using QuickFile excluding any PayPal transactions is this possible ??

There isn’t a way to view all invoices and exclude particular clients unfortunately.

The only ways to view invoices are:

  • By individual client
  • By project tag
  • Any of the search filters using the advanced search option, including outstanding (‘sent’), in draft, part paid or fully paid

If you’re looking to view all those excluding just the PayPal client, I think the best way to do this would be to add a project tag to those that you wish to view. For example, create a project tag for ‘non-paypal’ and add it to all invoices for clients, other than PayPal sales.

There’s more on project tags in the link below:

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