How would I use sales invoices if the customer pays me straight away?

Hi there,
I’m quite new to accounting and Quickfile by the way so I’m not too sure how things work. Especially on the sales invoice.
As I’m aware a sales invoice is a payment which has not yet been paid sent out from the supplier to the buyer.
I run a business which provides services so how should I log this down as a sales invoice? My services are provided straight away so the customer pays me straight after I have provided the service so what should I put down under the sales invoice?

Thank you! All help is extremely appreciated!
Stay safe and have a great day everyone!

Hi @alexander

I think my reply to your other thread covers this (for reference - Can someone explain who I add into clients for daily takings?).

To clarify however - a sales invoice on QuickFile is just a method of recording income into the business. Invoices make it easier as they’re associated with clients and can have multiple payments against them if applicable.

That really cleared it up for me Mathew! I really appreciate it, thank you!

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