HSBC Automated Bank Feed

I have just received an email showing you are extending the Automated Bank Feed to HSBC which looks exciting, would this still only be for Business Accounts or can personal accounts be added?

If it will include personal accounts, I also I have a French HSBC account visible through the UK portal - would I also be able to add this French feed ?

Hi @gbhec

I’ve just had a quick look for you.

It appears that HSBC UK personal accounts are linkable through the Yodlee feeds. There is also an option for HSBC France (

That sounds like really good news!!

Do you know how long until you will be rolling this out??


We’re currently looking at a January launch.

We’ll post more accurate details closer to the time, but I’d recommend keeping an eye on our forums :slight_smile:

If I were to import a CSV file and then later once this is rolled out connect to the Live feed do you know how it will handle old records? I’m wondering whether to spend a lot of time now importing all the data and matching to receipts or wait until “Jan”?

In most cases, like the PayPal and current Barclays feed, the feeds won’t be able to go back and pull in historical data, but only data from the date of being activated. I would look at importing the CSV file for the moment.

Ok thanks i’ll do that, just didn’t want to waste days doing the CSV when the feed would do it in seconds.

I look forward to Jan time :slight_smile:

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