HSBC bank export and sync

Hi, I don’t think that I’ve been using ‘bank feeds’ - but maybe that is what I have been using…

So, I’ve just logged into my business HSBC account this morning and the website has changed. Previously, I’d go into recent transactions and select a date range to ‘export’ to quickfile. The transactions would then be sync’s with quickfile and I could then deal with them in my quickfile bank account. That export option is no longer there. I can’t remember how the export and sync option came to work.

Help please?

The “export” button comes from the old QuickFile browser extension, which I don’t think is supported any longer. But if you can still download your transactions as a CSV then you should be able to import that into QuickFile - this is the process that the browser extension used to automate.

Hi @kba,

Further to what @ian_roberts has said, the extension is no longer supported. You may need to disable the extension before you are able to download your statement as the extension seems to try and override.

Thanks both. That’s sad, it was my favourite button on HSBC.

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The supported alternative now is to sign up for the “bank feeds” subscription and configure the open banking feed, and it will automatically pull transactions into QuickFile overnight without you needing to log in to internet banking yourself every time.

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