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HSBC bank feed is not working


Hi there,

My quickfile subscription expired, I paid for the renewal and everything seems to work again except for the bank feed. It says I’ve refreshed it 20 min (and I haven’t as I can’t).

I have re-activated it, but cannot refresh any feeds.

Please let me know what I should do.
Thanks, Ivan


Hi @ivan

Was there a delay between the expiry and the renewal of your subscription? For security, any details are removed, so it may be a case of removing it and setting it up again.

If you’ve already done this, Yodlee will connect to the bank to verify the details, in which case, you would need to give it a little while (the 20mins) before refreshing again.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve done that, but when I refresh and add the date going back to June 2018, it says there are no transactions - which is surely not correct.

How can I fix this?

Many thanks


Let me send you a private message and we’ll take a quick look at this for you. Please look for a green notification in the top right corner.


Hi, I have the same issue. My HSBC feed goes through security and links, but it tells me I have no transactions. Please advise. Many thanks. Dave


Hi @RadfordWilson

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with the feed. Are you changing the start date at all, or leaving it as it is? If after the 20 minutes have passed, you refresh again, do the transactions appear then or are there still none found?


I have not been able to get my Bank feed to work so I have turned it off. Two questions:

  • How do I make sure that it is not automatically renewed?
  • Is it possible to get a refund.
    Kind regards


Hello @RadfordWilson

In the first instance, I would like to get this working for you. We have recently started testing the Open Banking Feeds, which I’m more than happy to enable on your account.

To answer your question however, the feed doesn’t automatically renew as we don’t store any card details.


Hi there.

I need help getting my Yodlee bank feed to work with my HSBC account.

I used it once before but there was a time lapse of several month before I renewed.

When i go through the process of activating the feed it keeps saying ‘Credential Re-verification Required.’



Hi @AndyL

Is this just for a Current Account? If so, I’m happy to drop you a message and see if we can get you set up on Open Banking?


Hi there

Yes it is for a current account.


Great! I’ll send you a private message now. Please look for a green notification in the top right corner.