HSBC bank feed issue December

Hi, I have been using this for some time, and recently (might have been since paying for my subscription) that the chrome plugin is no longer remembering my bank feed Pairing feed key. So i have to go back in and reenter it each time.

has anyone else experienced this?

Hi @jpitsolutions

Do you use any other plugs ins with Chrome that may be overriding the settings? For same, a password manager?

hi, nope, just the 1

might try removing the plug in and re installing

still having problem, that i have to re enter the encryption code, which is a real pain
have removed the plugin and re added and still not remembering it

any ideas?

Are you referring to this value?

hi, yes its that field,

I’m sorry I’ve tried to replicate this but to no avail.

Do you have any form filling configured on Chrome or some kind of password manager working like LastPass?

I don’t know what to suggest here other than that.