HSBC Bank feed problem

Hi, everytime about (10 times today) I try to export my bank feeds, I get this message{

Export Failed!
There was a problem reaching the Quick File server, please try again later. error. .

Please help

Thank you

I’m note sure about that, I’m not seeing that particular issue when I import from our test account. I also see a few other users importing from HSBC today. Have you got any other browser extensions installed like AdBlock that may be blocking the communication? Did it work before for you?

Hi Glen
I have checked again (about 20 times today) and still on joy.
I have uninstalled my Comodo firewall that I thought maybe the problem, and gone back to my original Windows firewall.
The only extension/add-on I have on Chrome is Quickfile (as I normally use only Firefox)
I changed my bank feed details, I reinstalled Chrome again. I have no Ad Block etc…
Do you have any other suggestions?

Hi Glen
I have successfully imported bank feeds on my sons computer with is running windows 7.
My desktop, which I seem to be unable to import feeds is running XP, which has been importing feeds fine on previous occasions.
Is there any issues with XP?

The OS shouldn’t make any difference. It is your browser and any addons/extensions (including antivirus software etc) that will make a difference.

Please can you let me know which version of Chrome you are using on your XP machine? You will find this under help >> about section. For example I am using Version 36.0.1985.143 m.

As far as I’m aware XP is no longer officially supported by MS, it could be that Google are no longer auto-updating Chrome on these machines.

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