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HSBC bank feed shown as Paused

One of my HSBC bank feeds (Which was working) is shown as Paused and hasn’t updated since the end on Nov 2021. The status on the other one is ‘OK’

The Paused one is a Business Money Manager account (BMM). When I click on ‘More Info’ for that account I get the message ‘We were unable to connect to your bank to retrieve this data. Your bank may not support this method or your consent may have expired. Click here to view your Open Banking consents.’

How do I reinstate the working feed? The only options I can find from the bank feed options in the bank account within QuickFile are for a Personal or Kinetic account.


Hi @Magicbean

Did you follow the link to see whether your consent has expired for the feed? If your consent has expired you will need to re-authorise it.

I did, @QFSian.

I just tried it again got this message:

I had tried several time before but this was new. I Clicked on the Click here link and it started working again.

Looks like it was a fault that has now been sorted.


You maybe should revoke/delete the link to your bank and setup a new one. Quite a few people had issues with hsbc in the last few weeks but deleting and re-connecting seems to have worked for most of them.

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Hi @Magicbean

I’m glad this has now started working for you.

As @rhc has pointed out, we have been getting reports of this happening with HSBC recently, so it might be worth revoking and setting up the feed again if the problem persists.

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If it happens again, I’ll try that. I was thinking of deleting and re-adding but I was reluctant because it was only giving me options of account types I didn’t have. If I deleted it there may have been no chance of re-linking it.

Thanks @QFSian and @rhc.

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You wont see the existing banking option unless you revoke and re-add (as I found out). Seems to have coincided roughly with my re-authorising the accounts for me - just revoked re-added and then requested bank data since last transaction

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