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HSBC Bank feed (Yodlee) not working


I have been having a zero bank feed from HSBC for two days. Any help most welcome.


Hi @Sabhunu

When you’re performing the refresh, are you seeing any error messages?


No it just says there is nothing to download but I have several transactions if I log on to my bank.


I’m also having the same problem … Error 412 ?


Same thing for me. Last item to sync was on 16/12.


Seems like a known issue with Yodlee:


Hi @Terry_Kelly

I’ve just checked this with Yodlee, and they’re not reporting any issues with HSBC at the moment.

It’s worth noting that the HSBC feed with Yodlee isn’t automated in that it updates overnight. It needs to be refreshed manually as it requires a multi-factor token at each refresh. If you manually update the feed, does it refresh OK, or do you see any errors?

Error 412 is defined as:

We could not update your account because the site is experiencing technical difficulties.

Are you able to log into HSBC through your online banking all OK?

Do you still see this error if you enter a date of the last sync rather than the prepopulated one?


I’m getting the same error after putting in the fob code


@Pictoreal @Terry_Kelly @Sabhunu @MrADeveci

I’ve sent you all a private message to see if we can get this moving for you.



I am also having problems with my HSBC bank feed.  It keeps coming up with technical problems error 412. How can I rectify this?


@Crystalcat1 - I’ve also sent you a private message. Please look for a green icon in the top right corner.


Hi @QFMathew , I am having a issue also. Error 412.
I can login to HSBC website fine.
This error is when we need to manually refresh our bank feed (daily) because HSBC won’t auto update.
Last day i managed to update was 18-12

Can i get some help please?


Hi @chrisbawden

I’ll send you a private message shortly. Please look for a green notification in the top right.


I just wanted to follow up on this thread to say that we will soon be moving over to using Direct Open Banking Feeds. This has the added benefit with HSBC in doing away with the requirement to provide a multi-factor token each time you want to refresh your feed, it will also run automatically overnight.

We are beta testing the HSBC Open Banking feed at the moment, but if anyone would like to join the beta testing programme we can enable this on your account if you PM @QFMathew or myself your QuickFile account number.


HSBC bank feed is not working

Having the same issue. I’d like to join the beta testing programme. Can’t figure out how to direct message @QFMathew with my account number though.


Hi @djskinner

I’ll send you a private message now - please look for a green notification in the top right corner.



I’d like to join the beta, but I’m struggling to DM you or @QFMathew with my account number


Hi @chriscpritchard

I’ll send you a message shortly. Please look for a green notification in the top right


Seems to be working very smoothly. Only issue was that I could not select a date in the past as the start date for syncing the feed (any date before today e.g. 17/12/18 resulted in a message stating “start date cannot be more than a year in the past” or words to that effect. I tried a number of dates from the past few days, entered the day/month/year in full i.e. 2018, and tried entering a date with the drop-down calendar selector tool as an alternative but not happening. As far as I can tell there is no longer an option to choose a date to go back to once the feed has been set up. No problem for me as I can just enter the few missing entries manually but I just thought you might find the feedback useful. Overall a faster more streamlined service than Yodlee’s, free, and hopefully even more reliable.

Kind regards,



Thanks for the positive feedback @Terry_Kelly!

I believe our team have been looking into the issue regarding the start date, but we appreciate you taking the time to bring it to our attention.

We’re confident that this will be more streamlined and easier to use, especially given that you don’t need to enter a code during the refresh, allowing automatic updates too.

I would however just like to point out that a bank feed subscription would still be required to use these feeds, but this is per QuickFile account rather than per feed.