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HSBC business bank feed - how can I add a second account?

I Have two hsbc business accounts for the same business ( separate shops) I have never managed to get both accounts feeding to quickfile at the same time. I could swap between them as long as I revoked the current feed I could then activate the other one. A bit of a pain but workable. It now however will not allow this as it only asks if I want to add a personnel account .
Any help appreciated

Hi @Daz

Can I firstly check - are all the bank accounts on the same login and same business in your HSBC online banking?

If so, it may just be the case of revoking the authorisation for QuickFile and re-linking it. When you authorise the Open Banking for QuickFile, you would be asked what accounts you would like to grant access to, but in most cases the bank doesn’t offer a way to change this without cancelling it and setting it back up again.

Yes the log in details are the same for both accounts. When logged in to the HSBC i can access both. They never both show up when I try to link them to quickfile.

Is that after completely revoking the feed and re-linking it? This would involve re-entering all your login details on the HSBC website and specifically selecting what accounts to grant access to.

One other thought - are either accounts savings accounts? HSBC only supports current accounts through Open Banking at present.

Hello Gents
If I can intervene here - I have just been through weeks of confusion with this but I think I’ve go it resolved.
I have 2 HSBC business accounts accessible with the same IB login but they were 2 individual companies. At no point could I get OB to talk to both simultaneously - but singularly, no problem.
The resolution was that I had to get HSBC to move one account into the ‘realms’ of the other business. ie. be another account of the same business.
I tried to resolve this by phone but was told it would require a branch visit. At my branch visit, I was told that they should have been able to resolve this over the phone - so beware!!


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Hi Andy
Thanks for that. Still fighting with HSBC saying they can not do it.
Can I ask if your two HSBC accounts had the same or different sort codes.

Thanks again

Hello Darren
Same branch/sort code for 2 accounts opened years apart. They essentially moved one account into the ‘banner’ of the other business. This means that both accounts show under one business in online banking.