HSBC can't see settings panel hovering at the top of the screen

I have installed the HSBC chrome extension, It looks like I am going to the correct URL ( but when I log in I do not get “a settings panel hovering at the top of the screen” with Settings/Login/Import…
I have read a few old posts about this but they don’t help me.
I’m on a Mac OSX High Sierra using latest Chrome

Hi @Peter_Nsanze

Do you see the QuickFile before you log into your account?

Yes, I do. Then it disappears and tells me “there is a problem with your login credentials”, via a popup, even though I can carry on and get into my HSNC account.

So just to confirm your steps here so I can try to reproduce this error:

  1. You use the QuickFile chrome plugin to load HSBC

  2. Your credentials are stored within the plugin, so it attempts the login process

  3. The HSBC website shows the next step (enter your code), but the plugin shows “there is a problem with your login credentials”

  4. You enter your code and log in successfully with HSBC, but the plugin bar across the top disappears

Is that correct?

Thanks. It wasn’t clear that I had to log in from the tool bar (which I hadn’t noticed). Improved UX affordance would help. Or a video :wink: . I’m in now and trying to figure out next steps after feed activation. Make some videos! Or contact me to make them for you.

Thank you for the offer of the videos :slight_smile:

With the way the banking industry is moving, it may be the case that the extension will be retired once opening banking is in full swing and widely supported (more info on that here).

However, we do have a guide on the extension here:
QuickFile bank feed plugin (beta)