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HSBC change to CSV Format (March 2019)


As you may be aware HSBC have changed their business banking. I today downloaded data as normal as a CSV file but when uploading it onto Quickfile all the debits and credits where on the debit side, I deleted this upload and then tried to upload an ofx file but it would not allow me to do this.
Can you please help.
Thank you


Upload Banking Data - HSBC file no longer works with Current Account
HSBC CSV Format change

Hi @sme

I have sent you a private message to help you get this resolved.

Thanks :slight_smile:



I sent you the bank file I had downloaded from my email but have not heard from you can you confirm that you received this as I really need to get it sorted. Especially if I need to contact my bank.



Did a search for this topic but this got overlooked, posted this in “Bugs”.



Hi @sme

I don’t appear to have received the file - apologies, could you send it to @QFSupport and we will take a look at it for you.

Many Thanks,



Here’s the data sample:


15 Mar 2019,DD,MOBILE PHONE,-80.78,613.32

13 Mar 2019,BP,JOE BLOGGS,-70.0,694.10

12 Mar 2019,CR,MR SMITH,1010.0,764.10

11 Mar 2019,VIS,BP GARAGE,-522.0,-245.90

08 Mar 2019,CR,MRS JONES,220.0,276.1

Also sending you a PM to @QFSupport with the .csv file



Just a quick observation but our systems have always expected the values to be supplied in two columns from HSBC:


Your example has the amounts within a single column. If I recall with HSBC they have two areas where you can export the CSV, one for recent transactions, the other for monthly statements. Do you know where this file came from? Is it a business account rather than personal?

You can use the “other” option to manually map for now if you need.



In January HSBC did an upgrade to their website and have changed the format of the .csv file for Current Accounts so that they no longer match the pre-mapped file “HSBC” in Upload Banking Data, although it still works for Credit Card Account uploads.
HSBC-current-account-CSV.csv (238 Bytes) sample of the new version .csv file

At the moment by using the “Other” upload file option the fields can be matched so the data can still be uploaded, but the HSBC file requires renaming to show that it is good for credit card uploads and another version for HSBC current account uploads (with mapping of “Type” as shown in the sample to “Notes” would be useful).



I just ‘upgraded’ my hsbc banking interface and the newly downloaded csv file seems to have changed (it re-imported all items again). Be handy if you could tweak the import to work with the new format please?
Thanks in advance.



Hi @sean1

I’ve merged your post into this existing thread. We are aware of the change to the format here.

My colleague @Glenn mentioned above about an alternative method which will work. Are you able to tell us where on the HSBC website you downloaded the file from please?



It is from the ‘new’ skin business portal. It provides the csv with only one column now with negative values for expenses. I got around it by editing the file manually for now.
New format is - Date Type Description Amount Balance



Thanks for the info @sean1. You can also use the “Other” option when selecting the bank in the meantime, which will allow you to manually map the columns.



I did the same, its a pain in proverbial okay when you are only uploading a few transactions but will not be so good when you have to check through 20 to 30 transactions.



Sadly the banks don’t tell us when they make these changes, even worse in some cases they gradually move customers over to new formats making it very hard to support both.

Based on the last example provided, we should be able to adjust the mapping today.



@sme @sean1 @alan_mcbrien - We’ve applied a fix to the mapping that should now fully support the new format.

We’d recommend uploading smaller imports at this stage to ensure that the formatting is correct.

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Thanks for all the help gentlemen as always so glad I have my accounts package with yourselves.



Tested the update this morning with 6 lines in a .csv file. All working well now, thank you.



I downloaded my csv file from the statements section of HSBC yesterday afternoon and it looks exactly the same as the January and February files I downloaded which worked perfectly but this one, when uploaded, only did the one column - the payments column - all as receipts. I deleted the items and re-did it (I was showing my daughter how easy it is to do as she will be keeping her accounts on QuickFile) and it did the same again.

Can you give me an example of the file format it now needs - I don’t have many transactions and can amend for a while or do a few different downloads until I find the correct one :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you



Hi @Runaway_Nan,

The HSBC upload has now been updated for the new format, so if you have the option to update/upgrade the banking interface then this may resolve the issue giving you the csv file in the newer format.

Otherwise @alan_mcbrien has very kindly provided an example of the new format

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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