HSBC credit card statement import reverses the transactions

All pay out import as pay in

Is that a question or a statement?

Hi @dan.l

Credit card statements are often the reverse to a standard bank statement. You may need to edit the file before uploading it so the values and columns are correct.

It’s also worth trying it with the “Other” option from the dropdown rather than “HSBC”.

Before was working fine, for some reason problems started 2-3 months ago

It’s quite common for banks to change their formats. If they don’t work, generally using “Other” will fix it as you can manually map the columns.

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If you import the statement, but instead of using the standard HSBC import feature and go for the “Other” at the bottom of the list of options. You can choose where the columns are allocated. This should enable you to correct the back to front the way you have imported so far. Missed reading @QFMathew reply before posting. Hope you fixed the problem Mr @dan.l!

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