HSBC feed cannot be activated

For the past two days it has not been possible to activate my feed.

Quickfile navigates successfully to the HSBC web page. The boxes will accept HSBC’s re-authentication code; however, the cursor remains in the last box and the Continue link / button does not work.

The fault appears in Windows and Ubuntu operating systems and IE11, Firefox, Vivaldi, Google Chrome and Chromium browsers.

Hello @Borax

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems here.

Can I just confirm - is this issue on the HSBC website?

Yes. The link from Quickfile to HSBC’s web page worked on every occasion.

If the issue is on the HSBC website, this is unfortunately out of our control. You would need to raise this with HSBC directly; they should be able to look into this for you in more detail.

I will raise the matter with HSBC and keep you posted.

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Activated the feed today.

I cannot be absolutely sure, but a barely perceptible fault in the USB lead from my keyboard may have been the cause of the problem.

Glad to hear you got this resolved @Borax! Thanks for keeping us updated :slight_smile:

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