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HSBC feed


Just trying to get hsbc to feed into my quick file and it seems to have stopped at June 2018 and hasnt sent over that and the following months. Why and how can I fix it?!


Hi @hcraig

Are you using the Yodlee feed?

Due to the nature of the HSBC login process (requiring a unique code at each login), it’s not possible to run it automatically. It would need to be manually refreshed so you can enter the code.

The feed can generally only go as far back as the online banking allows, which is normally around 28-30 days. You can certainly try a refresh and enter the last refresh date and it will pull in as many as possible, but I think you’ll need to manually import a CSV export or similar.


Hi Matthew,

I was using the bank feed last year very well. Now, when i was in my HSBC account, I clicked ‘export statement to Quickfile’ and it keeps saying it has failed.

The failed message says’ ‘Please ensure you have enabled file imports on your Quick File account and the credentials supplied are correct’

I cant see what that means to do?!

And in exasperation I have now paid the £15 or so for Yodlee and cant see the feed. When and where will my transactions appear?

Many thanks



Hi @hcraig

There’s good news and bad news for this, but I’ll start with the bad because it does get better.

The bad news is, because of the way HSBC have set up their log in process (requiring the unique code at each log in), Yodlee can’t update the feed automatically. This isn’t something Yodlee doesn’t do, or chose not to do, it’s because HSBC just doesn’t support it.

But as I said, it does get better. We are trialling Open Banking feeds which creates a direct connection with some banks, and HSBC is one of these. This allows the feed up update automatically without the log in. As you’ve got the subscription you can certainly try this, and in fact I would encourage it because it’s more effective for HSBC. So, I’ll send you a private message shortly (look for the green icon in the top right) and we’ll get this set up for you.