HSBC Imports


It appears I can’t import HSBC ofx data to quickfile and when I try csv all the transactions are mixed up debits in credits. Please help I need to do books urgently.

Hi @Sabhunu

Can I ask what version of the online banking you are using at the moment please? We’re aware some users have been asked to upgrade to a newer interface which also changes the CSV file format.

You can also use the “Other” option in the bank list which allows you to map the columns manually.

Hello, I am using the new bank interface. There is no "other " option as there is only OFX and CSV. Can Quickfile configure for use with OFX?

The “other” option referred to is the option for the bank when you are uploading your CSV to Quickfile. If you select this then you can manually tell Quickfile which columns are which.

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