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HSBC Open Banking feeds not doing much

Hello All
Just embarking on my QF journey and have set up(?) bank feeds.
I have 2 business current accounts under one sign-in. I’ve seen balances and beneficiaries of the accounts via QF but in the QF statement view, I have only seen 1 single transaction pulled from the bank - a recent bank charge item. That is it, nothing from the other account. I was expecting to see all the bank statement transactions with a little cloud logo next to them but I’m seeing next to nothing.
Where am I going wrong please?

Hi @andythornton

When were the feeds set up? Are all the accounts linked, or have you only authorised access through Open Banking?

Hello Mathew
I set them up yesterday and they both showed as ‘active feed’ but there were no visible transactions by this morning. So I revoked them this morning and started again. They are again showing ‘active feed’. After a manual refresh, I was able to see 1 transaction added to the statement view on 1 account. Otherwise, zilch. They’re OB feeds. I haven’t tried the other feed option yet…

I’m now seeing this on one of the accounts when I try view balance etc. Worked earlier…

They will only import transactions that are “booked” (that is, they’re not pending) at the time of the refresh, which is usually around 3am.

Let me send you a private message though, and I’ll just double check that everything is set up correctly. You should see a green notification in the top right corner.

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