HSBC Personal accounts Chrome plugin


Unfortunately the HSBC Bank Feed plugin only seems to work with Business accounts, any plans to allow it to work for personal HSBC accounts?

Unfortunately no plans for personal accounts. We looked into this some time ago but HSBC personal accounts don’t even let you download historic data in CSV format (as far as I can remember). This is how the feed works, it logs in grabs the CSV and streams the data over to your account.

They have actually changed their website so you can download CSV files now… phew…

In the world of banking that’s real progress :smile:

We can review this later… If the interface is not radically different to business banking we may be able to tweak our existing code. Unfortunately the biggest problem for us is testing, we need to open accounts for all these different banks and keep them open for ongoing testing and maintenance.

Any progress on this Glenn? Meanwhile, I cannot see where the HSBC personal internet banking website allows you to download CSV files for “previous statements”. The download option (as opposed to ‘print’) is only available for “recent transactions”… can anyone shed light on this… Thanks

No I’m afraid not, managing bank feeds puts a huge strain on our resources as they break every time the banks change something. It’s impossible to guarantee any kind of reliability and to be honest we have our hands full just managing the feeds we currently have in place.

The other issue is I don’t believe HSBC personal accounts even give you a CSV option for downloads? Without this any kind of feed is a non-starter.

I would urge anyone frustrated by the progress with bank feed automation to let your bank know. In 2014 the banks should have a gateway for 3rd party software vendors, without this the other options are manual and tedious.