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I have just paid Quickfile £18 for the banking subscription. I bank with HSBC and although HSBC is an option on the link bank account, HSBC do not link to Quickfile. They only link to Sage, Xero and Quickbooks. How do I get my refund and their appears to be no way of getting in touch with them directly. PLEASE HELP as I have been mislead in a major way and am out of pocket. Thank you, Dina

Hi @PeakInsight

I’m sorry if you feel like you’ve been mislead. Can I confirm where you saw or who told you HSBC doesn’t link with QuickFile please?

We support the Open Banking feed for several banks, one of which is HSBC. Just to confirm - QuickFile does support HSBC feeds.

If you’re having any difficulties connecting the feed, please let us know and we’ll certainly help you get this set up.

Hello, thank you for your response and giving me some hope.

However, I was on live chat with HSBC - they only have 3 software links as I mentioned. The assistant was very clear that they did not provide this service and confirmed that Quickfile could indeed link to my business bank account from their end but no feed from HSBC was possible and they had no plans to do so.
How can you help me resolve this please?
Kind regards

Hi @PeakInsight

What HSBC has advised you is incorrect I’m afraid. It’s not uncommon for front line support staff at the bank to not be aware of the links available through Open Banking, but I can assure you it is available and does work - we have quite a few users already using it. We will of course raise this with Open Banking and HSBC as they shouldn’t be giving out incorrect information.

As you have a bank feed subscription, you can go to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds and link up your HSBC account here. Once you’ve done that, you can then go to your HSBC bank account in QuickFile, select **More Options ** >> Activate Bank Feed.

Please let me know if you need any further help here :slight_smile:

Hello Mathew,
I have done all of that in my QuickFile account, however my balance is not showing and no transactions or information is showing from my bank account in Quickfile at all.
When I go into my Bank Account on HSBC Site and go to Manage Bank Feeds it asks you to select one of their providers which are the three I mentioned. Xero, Sage or Quickbooks.
Can you help further?
Kind regards

The feed will only work from the day you add it, but you can pull in up to 28 days worth of data from the date of setting it up. If you missed this step, we can do this for you from our end if you wish?

Hello QFMathew,

Thank you very much for this information.
I have clearly missed that step, yes please could you kindly set that up for me?

Kind regards

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No problem at all! That’s been done for you.

For anything prior to the 28 days, you would either need to enter opening balances or import historical data (e.g. from a .CSV file from Online Banking).

Please let us know if we can help you further :slight_smile:

Thank you Sooooooooooo much for your help. I hope HSBC cascade this message as it does not help anyone and takes up everyones time.
You are a :star::star2::eight_pointed_black_star::star::star2::star2:
Many thanks indeed
Kind regards

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Thank you for your patience Dina,

It is unhelpful and we are reporting these cases when they come to our attention. Open Banking is still relatively new and there does appear to be a lack of awareness with the telephone banking teams in a few of the big banks.

Hello Glen
Brilliant, thanks and good to know
Very professional of your team to escalate these issues also.
Kind regards


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