HTML iFrame Signature to insert in Invoice/Estimate footer (How to)

Been using QF for a few years but had not got around to redesigning the standard template for invoices/estimates in Invoice style (customisation).

This .html negates the need to include the invoice labels Phone/Email/Website as they are moved to the footer region (appended text) but as hyperlinks on screen.

Used as my sandbox for the .html.

Example of Signature

This file is attached to a Purchase Record within QF (HTML/CSS Quickfile). (self billing invoice).

The above .html is referred to in iFrame .html that is inserted in the Invoice footer region:
iFrame signature (appended text) invoice footer

So with these two .html files you get rid of three boxes off the invoice details and you get hip hyperlinks so customers are able to contact you, but out off the way as at the bottom of the document so makes a customer’s experience of viewing an invoice a bit easier.

Simply, view the two examples in your web browser, download, open with notepad (or other text editor) then copy the code to your sandbox and adapt to own requirements.

Hope you find these instructions of use to your business.

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