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I cannot switch between invoice and estimate templates


Hi, I am entirely new to this program to apologise for asking stupid questions. I look for anwer in search but cannot find the right one. So I purchase an upgrade to various invoice and estimates customisations. My company have a register name, and we have a sister company trading name… two different logos, tel number, web etc. When I am creating a new invoice cannot find the option to switch with the design style to use. For the last ten years, I was working on QB desktop version so switching between various templates styles as easy as 123…
Can anyone help me and post step by step process for beginners. Many thanks,


Hi @Sebastian_McCluskey1

Welcome to QuickFile!

The templates are assigned on a per-client basis rather than per-invoice basis. So the client themselves will see the full branding for the templates you choose.

I assume you mean the multi-trading style features, which are accessible in the design customisation area of your account? If not, please let me know where you’re looking.

If that is correct, modify the client (Sales >> View all clients >> Select your client >> Modify Client Details), and you should see an option to select the trading style:

This means your client will then see the templates associated with that trading style, and if they log in, it’ll be branded with that name and details too.

I hope that helps, but any problems, please let me know :slight_smile:


Thank you for swift replay. Yes, that solves my problem 100%. It’s a totally different approach than I got used to but I think I can get used to it. Cheers for all info.


Hi Mathew
I can’t see “Apply Trading Style” option in client details?


You don’t see the option unless you have another trading style set up in Account Settings > Design Customisation > Trading Styles.


Thanks Lurch, just found I had to create an additional trading style first.


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