I cannot tag a sales invoice

Can any one help me tag a sales invoice for the new Projects enhancement. I have managed to create a tag and I have used it on a purchase invoice but cannot find anywhere to add it to a sales invoice

When previewing the invoice, hover over the top right corner of the invoice to add project tags:

I tried that - i works for purchases but not for sales invoices

Have a look here. I checked and you’re using the old invoice template. You’ll need to switch first before the hovering button will appear. Take a look in Sales >> Invoice Customisation.


In that case, you’re probably still using the old invoice templates, go to the ‘Account Settings >> Invoice Customisation’ from the top navigation menu to be taken to the ‘Invoice Style’ page, there you will see a banner message to switch to the new invoice gallery, that should solve the problem:

Sorted - it was the old invoice format that was causing the problem. Thanks for all the help. You can close this now.

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