I don't have a line for county, after town line, in invoice

I don’t have a line for county, after town line, in invoice.
It’s important to have a county on invoice address?
Thank you!

Why is this important?

In terms of actual addresses, the Royal Mail are phasing out the county line as they no longer form part of the address. The important thing would be postal town, post code and building name/number

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Quote from another post that may help:


I understand…


It’s not necessary about the county.
POST TOWN it’s between locality name and POSTCODE.
I will use City line for locality name and POST TOWN or county, too.

I can’t find a better solution…

I know it may not be a requirement for royal mail etc.
But I think it looks better to use the full address and some areas have villages of the same name and I have had mail for Barnston in the Wirral and I am Barnston in Essex. So I feel it does make a difference.

Really you could mention that now you only need to add a house name or number and just the postcode as thats all the post office need for a letter to arrive!
But if its an unpaid invoice its tricky to get a court case to stand if its not correctly addressed. I would like to see this added or a box we can use that will add it in prior to the postcode.

A court case shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re mail is being sent by Royal Mail, then as long as you address it as per their guidelines (http://www.royalmail.com/personal/help-and-support/How-do-I-address-my-mail-correctly) then surely the onus is on them to deliver it?

For things like unpaid/overdue invoices, I would actually recommend recorded delivery anyway, so you have further proof (sometimes a signature) that it’s been delivered.

On the note of you receiving someone else’s mail - the Royal Mail has a legal requirement to deliver to the address on the envelope else face prosecution. May be worth raising that with you delivery office! Something I learnt when I done a bit of work for the council - Sometimes doing a bit of work for a local authority does go in your favour :smile:

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Would be helpful if this was the same everywhere. I use the county everywhere still, except for Quick File as it doesn’t have a county line, but the majority of sites/forms still have the county and most have it stamped as mandatory. It’s also helpful as a reference for when you have absolutely no idea where some random village is!