I have 2 accounts in affinity. I want delete one

How do I delete one and do I still have to pay for using just one account? Thanks, John.

Hi John

Do you want to delete the account completely (including any data), or just detach it from your Affinity account?

I want to delete it … I am afraid I tried to do the accounts on it but it’s too big a task for me!
That would leave me with one account which is easy to upkeep.

No problem. If you log into that account as an administrator (this could the Affinity account if it was originally created via Affinity), you can then delete the account using this guide:

You would still need to pay for the other account if it’s attached to Affinity. However, you have 3 options:

  1. You can keep the Affinity account for that one profile, regardless
  2. If the remaining account is graded XS, S or M, you can detach it and no costs would be incurred for the standalone account (any usage to date would still be chargeable)
  3. If the remaining account is graded as L or XL, you can detach it and purchase a Power User Subscription (currently £45.00 + VAT per year as outlined here) for that account, and use it as a standalone account

Hope that makes sense, but please feel free to ask any further questions and I’ll try my best to help.

P.s.: Just make sure that you delete the correct account, and we’re unable to undo the deletion process should it be the wrong one.

Hi … I have deleted that account and detached the other one … anything else i need to do to update my account with you?

That should be it. As long as nothing is on the Affinity account, it won’t incur any charges (as there’s nothing there to generate them).