I have never been able to get Cater Allen bank feed working

Previously I had my Cater Allen bank feed working perfectly under the old, non-open banking system.

Since the OB feed was introduced, I have never been able to connect my CA account and have to input all transactions into Quickfile manually. When trying to connect, I am taken to a CA page that asks for my customer ID. This page always reports back that my credentials are incorrect, even though I can log in to my CA online banking in another tab.

If I call CA, their automated system reads a message that is along the lines of “Our systems are being upgraded, if you have received communication to say your account has been migrated, press 1. If you have not been migrated, press 2” - I’m category 2.

The follow on message about Open banking says that the rollout has been delayed.

Is it possible that only “Option 1” accounts are able to use OB feeds?

Hi @Daniel_Benson

From your post, it looks like you’re on the older banking system offered by Cater Allen. This system, unfortunately, doesn’t support Open Banking.

You should receive a notification from the bank once they’ve moved you to the new system, which will then allow you to use the bank feeds.

However, we are aware of an authentication issue, where you need to use your Customer ID to login and authenticate the process.

The only ones who can change what system your account is on, would be Cater Allen themselves unfortuantely.

Yes, I would agree, I think I’m on the older system which would figure as I joined them 20 years ago when they were Fleming Premiere Banking. Thank you for the confirmation though, I guess I will just have to wait as they are putting almost everything on hold at the moment due to COVID-19.

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