I mixed up the currencies :(

Hello, I’m back again. :slight_smile:

My 1st question: I make the majority of my expenses in USD. The WISE CURRENT ACCOUNT defined in the system itself is registered as pound and I could not change it. I opened a second wise account and made the currency USD. I do all my expenses etc from here. How do I close the first account? Or will it be a problem if I open a second wise account in the future…?

My second question: How many times have I paid in EURO and TL by mistake? How do I enter them into the system? When tagging the payment invoice to the bank account, the currency part does not appear.

My 3rd question: I wrote the capital I have put into the company from Director Loan acount to WISE-USD account. What will I get back from the company 573 GBP? Do I understand correctly…?

My 4th Question: I opened a separate account for my payments from Stripe and Paypal under Seller and Online Payment Service Accounts. I label my invoices that I cut from where the payment will come from. Am I doing it right or did I do it?

My 5th and last question: I chose the wrong variant in the product I bought from Aliexpres, so I immediately asked for a refund and bought the right product for the second time. Where do I enter the wrong product? How do I enter the refund money received? Also, instead of buying it in USD, I bought it in TL. I will be very happy if you answer my questions, thank you very much in advance.

NOTE: I don’t speak much English so I use translate. I am keeping an account for the first time in my life. So I may have simple questions. Thanks so much for your time.

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